Manual and LACP Link Aggregation (IEEE ad). Switch G (3C) 3C port 10/ plus two 10// ports and two GBIC ports. Office Manuals and free pdf instructions. Find the office and computer equipment manual you need at ManualsOnline. Published October SuperStack® 3. Switch Series. Getting Started Guide. 3C 3C 3C DUAAAAbook Page 1 Thursday .

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The Rmon Groups Environmental Statement about the Documentation The documentation for this product is printed on paper that comes from sustainablemanaged forests ; it is fully biodegradable and recyclableand is completely chlorine – free.

In additionprobes record the behavior of your networkso that you can analyze the causes of problems.

3Com SuperStack 3 3C17304 Manuals

There are several different methods of accessing the management software to manage the Switch. The Audit Log How Network Login Works Setting U P For Management Once a packet has been classifiedthe level of service relevant to that type of packet is applied to it.

What Are Vlans Figure 7 A network manul that creates loops Figure 8 mannual the result of enabling STP on the bridges in the configuration.

No part of this documentation may be reproduced in any form or by any means or used to 3v17304 any derivative work such as translationCampus Drive transformationor adaptation without written permission from 3Com Corporation. You can define up to alarms for the Switch.


Hardware Status Monitoring They For exampleFigure 12 are connected using the This chapter explains multicastsmulticast filteringand how multicast filtering can be implemented on your Switch.

3com 3CA Manuals

How Rada Works The multicast filtering system supported by your Switch uses IGMP Internet Group Management Protocol snooping to detect the endstations in each multicast group to which multicast traffic should be forwarded.

RMONhoweverautonomously looks at the network on behalf of the management workstation without affecting the characteristics and performance of the network. For auto – negotiation to workports at both ends of the link must be set to auto – negotiate. If all ports on both Switch units are configured as BASE – T and they are operating in full duplexthe potential maximum bandwidth of the connection is 2 Gbps.

A maximum of four ports may be added manually to any individual aggregationbut any number may join automatically via LACP. Upport For Your Product You can delete or change them as required. STP discovers the duplicate paths and blocks two of the links.

Solving Hardware Problems Methods Of Managing A Switch Choosing The Correct Fiber Cables To explain STP more effectivelyyour Switch will be referred to as a bridge.


Configuration Rules For Gigabit Ethernet It does this as outlined in the sections below. Desktop Switch Example All other ports are blockedwhich means that they are prevented from receiving or forwarding traffic.

Organizations that require high quality voice and video data transmission at manuaal times can ensure this by maximising bandwidth and providing low latency. Default Users And Passwords If you have many RMON sessionsthe forwarding performance of the Switch is not affected but you may experience slow response times from the web interface. Application examples include distance learningtransmitting stock quotes to brokersand collaborative computing.

3com SuperStack 3C Manuals

Using Automatic Ip Configuration Chapter 2 Multicast Filtering Multicast filtering allows the Switch to forward multicast traffic to only the endstations that are part of a predefined multicast grouprather than broadcasting the traffic to the whole network. This means that you can take action before they affect users. This provides automaticpoint – to – point redundancy between two devices switch – to – switch or switch – to – server that have full duplex connections operating at the same speed.