Stipovi su prilagodjeni za udobno i lako citanje preko video snimka. | See more ideas about Alan ford.

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He usually serves as the aviation in the TNT group and to carry messages from Number One to the TNT group or his allies when he is not around, and often ends up saving them in dangerous missions.

Alan Ford (comics)

Big in the Balkans”. The play was an original story with most of the characters present, largely based on issue 30 “The Bearded Gang”but with numerous references to other episodes and characters. He moved to America and changed his last name from Grunt to Grunf to avoid detection, and is mentioned to also serve in Second World War.

Despite having a huge personal wealth, he never spends any of it. He is rather tall, with blonde hair and blue eyes. He is a smart dog, though easily bribed with food. He usually dresses in a black long-sleeved shirt with black shoes and dark pants. The comic book’s publishing was started in by the state-owned company Vjesnik from Zagreb.

He was sentenced to life in prison, but he managed to switch seats with an American criminal due to be transferred, and then he freed himself during a flight by parachuting himself out. He is a shy, naive person, and very humble, but one of the most effective agents of the series. SFRJ industrija video igara in Serbian https: However, his bad luck with women turns for the better when he meets Minuette Macon. Controls Edition, Hero and Author have autocomplete, which is turned on after you typed the third letter, you will get all items that contain the typed letters.

His lateral thinking, wittiness and ability to save himself quickly from the most complicated situations make him the most valuable agent of TNT, a trait that even Number One acknowledges. Select one of the items, or continue to type, to narrow the choices, after the third letter is typed, each new letter does query to the database and returns a new search.

Alan Ford (strip)

He operates ofrd a dilapidated flower shop in Brooklyn in which TNT agents reside, while his hideout is in a storage room in the New York subway, which is kept secret to all but TNT agents. List of all comic archives Controls Edition, Hero and Author have autocomplete, which is turned on after alsn typed the third letter, you will get all items that contain the typed letters. It was also translated into Albanian in Serbia which saw only five issues before getting dropped, also due to poor sales.


He is the newest member of the TNT. Running gag in the series is his frequent attempts to eat Squitty, only to be stopped and then violently assaulted by The Boss. He is a former Chicago mobster who made his fortune during the Prohibition era. Clodoveo is Number One’s parrot. He is one of the most trusted agents of Number One. Some of Vjesnik’s editions were occasionally censored by the publisher.

He enjoys fine wines, stropovi, and he owns a panther, a bulldog and a gorilla, all tamed.

Alan Ford (comics) – Wikipedia

All Black-white Color Cover: Although stropovi initial plot in the first few episodes develops around an agent called Alan Ford, he is later just one of the central group of characters: The Portuguese edition only saw about three issues. The comic book has been adapted to animated film and theater plays, as well as used as a source of inspiration in books and movies.

He wears old ruptured pants, a bowler hat, a coat and a cardigan stripped shirt. The script included six main characters Alan Ford, Bob Rock, Sir Oliver, The Boss, Jeremiah and Grunfbut the creators decided to omit Sir Oliver in the ultimate revision Julyfor fear of overwhelming readers with characters in the first issue.

A running gag is his incredible strength and endurance for an ordinary pelican. He is bald and nearly toothless, and he usually sleeps around in the flower shop with The Boss. He has a hamster named Squitty, and he is very devoted to him and protects him at all costs. Group TNT is an assembly of misfit secret agents, who operate from a flower shop in New York CityUnited States, which they use as a front for their secret headquarters.

A Republic of Macedonia edition was also available for a while, and the Serbian editions are now imported into Macedonia and Montenegro, still remaining hugely popular. He landed in New York and he was discovered by Number One while he was trying to hustle a rich businessman, and was persuaded to join TNT.


After Bob, he is the most vocal about his salary, but is for rebuffed stripoci Number One. He usually dresses in a World War I-era flying ace uniform with goggles. Box to the left of the Search button lets you specify search words in the name of the Publisher, Edition, Hero, Author, Number, and that even in the case aln word is found anywhere in these terms, even if it is only part of the term, while the lower equivalent controls are more rigorous and will find only the correct term, not only the part of the name or number.

He dresses in tartan clothing, with a red and black hat and a large red cloak. The reputation of Alan Ford grew with subsequent issues.

Currently the comic book is drawn by Dario Perucca who also draws covers with inks by Omar Pistolato. Bob has a poetic side: Although it became widely popular in Italy etripovi after its introduction, Alan Ford remained relatively unknown outside Italy.

Ina small independent publisher, Taupinambourstarted another edition with new issues. He is Number One’s best friend and lives in his hideout with him, although the two constantly clash on most trivial subjects.

For example, in issue 16, “Don’t vote for Notax”, a line making fun of American racismreading “Firstly, I promise that we will get rid of the Blacks. Other enemies, whose names are normally puns in Aanare Katodik, the two killers Frit and Frut, Mr. He enjoys beef steaks and is a former alcoholic; his drinking habits are occasionally shown throughout the issues.

This article is about the comic book.

Their outlandish biographies are dwarfed by that of their iron-fisted and shrewd leader, the wheelchair-ridden Number One, a Methusalem character who embezzles the millions paid to the group by American government or city fathers for secret missions, while paying a pittance to his agents.

Rord second issue, entitled “The Rotten Tooth” appeared in Juneintroduced the Sir Oliver character, and was overshadowed by the first issue’s lack of success.