‘Bandit Country’: The IRA & South Armagh by Toby Harnden. For nearly three decades, South Armagh has been the most dangerous posting in the world for a . In case anyone didn’t know, Bandit Country is south Armagh, a sobriquet bestowed on the area and its inhabitants by the jelly. As the helicopter banks over the heavily-fortified Army base at Crossmaglen in the heart of South Armagh’s bandit country, incoming troops are.

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Fifteen minutes later, an officer from Scotland Yard telephoned the Irish News to ask Anne Brown to go through once more what the South Armagh caller had told her. As we prepare to depart on a patrol a mile from the border with the Irish Republic the scale of that challenge become clear.

Bashir, who had been at work at the family business since 5am, said he would first shut up the shop while a sceptical Jefferies observed: A minute before 7pm, a blue flash could be seen several miles away as the lorry exploded; Bashir and Jefferies were blown through two walls and their bodies buried by tons of rubble.

The men of 2 Para arrived a month ago.

Each soldier seeks out a position which will provide him with shelter from attack but will allow him to observe the surrounding terrain. Toby Harnden has stripped away the myth and propaganda associated with South Armagh to produce one of the most compelling and important books of the Troubles. As the helicopter banks over the heavily-fortified Army base at Crossmaglen in the heart of South Armagh’s bandit country, incoming troops are welcomed by a 60ft-long greeting picked out in white on a brick wall.

This is IRA bandit country – Telegraph

For a fraction of a second, the hundreds of amd still working in Canary Wharf, one of Europe’s tallest tower blocks, felt souyh the building was about to collapse. On top of that, the rules of “normalisation” mean that soldiers are not allowed to apply face camouflage, wear helmets or body armour – or even to aim their weapon sights on potential targets.

Its impact was felt world-wide with television bulletins across the globe leading with the news. In the decade she had worked at the newspaper, Mrs Brown had dealt with dozens of coded warnings but this was one she had never expected to hear.

He points to a large expensive looking house on a hill and, smiling, he tells bandt it belongs to an IRA man who has become a multi-millionaire through smuggling diesel. When RTE’s main evening news began at 6. South Armagh was described as ‘Bandit Country’ by Merlyn Rees when he was Northern Ireland Secretary and for nearly counyry decades it has been the most dangerous posting in the world for a British soldier.


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‘Bandit Country’: The IRA and South Armagh – Toby Harnden – Google Books

Soon, Docklands was echoing to the sound of police and ambulance sirens, wailing alarms and breaking glass as the residents of council flats knocked their shattered windows out into the streets below.

Designed aand increase the power of the blast, the tubes had been thf from parts of scaffolding poles drilled with holes and stuffed with 10lbs of Semtex high explosive. Attached to the booster tubes were lengths of improvised detonating cord made from plastic tubing armgah with PETN and RDX, the two constituent elements of Semtex. We’re going here,” and he points to a spot on the map. At the same time, however, the soldiers of the 2nd Battalion The Parachute Regiment – currently on a six-month tour of duty in South Armagh – find that their ability to defend themselves is being eroded.

Bandit Country The Book.

As the mourners gathered at Lewisham crematorium in south London, they listened in silence to a tape of Jefferies’ own rendition of a song he had written and recorded for a new girlfriend just a few days before the bomb. Newshound [Northern Ireland news links]. Their role is to support the Police Service of Northern Ireland, the cross-community force that replaced the Royal Ulster Constabulary.

And what drives them to continue their fight? The Paras are aware this could be a classic “come on” – an event arranged by terrorists to draw them into an ambush. If we fail to do our job the police service may falter – and then everything which has been gained since could collapse. The IRA had struck another blow at the heart of the British establishment less than three years after devastating the City of London for the second time in 12 months.

They have been told by the intelligence agencies that terrorists plan a “spectacular” attack against them to boost terrorist credibility and encourage disenchanted members of the IRA to defect to dissident republican groups. He was one of the first journalists at the scene of the IRA’s Docklands bomb and, after moving to Belfast, reported on the second IRA ceasefire, the Good Friday Agreement and the Omagh bombing as well numerous explosions, shootings, riots, marches and political crises.

Bandit Country Toby Harnden No preview available – References to this book Northern Protestants: Now, as the political tension increases, the talk is of ensuring that they do not cross any lines. RUC dismay over deadlock plans. On both sides of the Irish Sea, few could bring themselves to believe that the statement or the warnings were genuine. The two policemen walked around the lorry and quickly concluded that if the IRA warnings were genuine, the bomb was probably inside the vehicle.


It is hard to walk this tightrope when even the most mundane of police duties, such as issuing a summons, becomes a complex military operation badit helicopters and an escort of at least 12 fully armed soldiers.

Ten years ago the mission was to kill or capture terrorists bajdit assist the RUC in the defeat of terrorism.

O’Neill’, the nom de guerre under which the Provisionals had issued warnings and claimed responsibility for attacks over the previous 25 years. For the first time, the identities of the men behind the South Quay and Manchester bombings are revealed.

The threat of bomb and mortar attacks are officially declared “high”: Had he opened the door, he would have set off the anti-handling device and activated the bomb. Aware that a mistake counry her part could lead to the deaths of scores of people, she requested that the caller repeat the details. Watchtowers become installation art.

Since the signing of the Good Friday Agreement inpeople have been killed and 7, injured in terrorist-related incidents in Northern Ireland.

Graeme Brown, an advertising designer, was armxgh out; he woke a few minutes later surrounded by the water from a burst main.

This is IRA bandit country

It was here that a team of snipers killed 12 members of the security forces in the s and where the explosives were mixed for the Docklands, Manchester and Bishopsgate bombs. Last week as three people, including a senior member of Sinn Fein, were charged with spying – precipitating the almost certain suspension of the Northern Ireland Assembly – that risk increased.

We will have to be vigilant but we will have to get the balance right. If you are to read only one book about the modern IRA, this should be it’ Irish Times South Armagh was described as ‘Bandit Country’ by Merlyn Rees when he was Northern Ireland Secretary and for nearly three decades it has been the most dangerous posting in the world for a British soldier More than officers are on sick leave and the force remains severely under strength.

Four officers had initially been despatched from Limehouse station shortly after 6pm to clear the Docklands Light Railway station. It is still too dangerous for the security forces in South Armagh to travel by road.

Resenting the label, Irish nationalists refer to the area, a place of rebellion and lawlessness for centuries past, as “God’s Country”. Sinn Fein mob attack towers.