The 50 mile (80 km) trek is known to Germans as the Berliner Höhenweg and to Brits as the Zillertal Rucksack Route. The entire tour takes eight. Zillertaleralpen – Berliner Höhenweg – Hut-to-Hut (revised ) is a multiday high alpine tour in the Zillertaleralpen, following the Berliner. On the Berliner Höhenweg, mountain hikers can hike through genuine Alpine history. In the middle of the 19th century, the Zillertal was a hotbed of mountain.

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I would not enjoy climbing down from the Horn in the opposite direction from which we ascended. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

Once thing is certain. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. The Zillertal Alps form the border with Italy. From there, we walked 2.

Zillertaler Runde / Berliner Höhenweg Hut to Hut Hiking in Tirol, Austria | Bodamer Blog

After the hut to hut hiking, we toured Austria and Bavaria for several days to visit various essential tourist destinations. Gilgen, Austria, overnight in Ruhpolding.


Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau, drive to Ruhpolding. A friendly group offered us some to try and these did prove more resilient than the moleskin under those hot conditions.

A very handy leaflet with a list of the huts, a equipment list, best place to start and getting there. So in the afternoon, we sought refuge in the Lake District by visiting St. Technically spoken the trail is a trail, not a climb, though there are quite a few sections secured with rope and steps.

We stayed there two nights. That evening, we enjoyed a lively and entertaining evening of Tirolean folk music with the Gundolf family. The remaining balance will be due on-site at the beginning of the tour. Gilgen Now three, we drove to Salzburg and toured the old city and the fortress.

Gilgen, Austria, overnight in Ruhpolding Day In terms of strength and physical condition the path is challenging. Daniel crossing die Floite. Negative Very busy sometimes. From my initial booking request, to receiving the packet in the mail, took just over a month to complete. So, even though we arrived a day earlier than planned, they had a room for us.

Holidaying in nature park

Download important informations PDF document. Daniel on the moraine.


Reservation of huts well before you plan your walk is necessary. Hollenzen 75 A Mayrhofen Tel.: Our route made negotiating the cable section much easier. De Zwerver Netherlands Kettlebell, I’m Lovin’ It. This site uses cookies.

So, what the heck is hut to hut hiking? We were exhausted by the time we arrived in Ginzling.

Berliner Trek

You berllner get finished off this day with hours ahead. I walked the uninitiated through this in my prior blog post documenting my hut to hut tour in Pitztal, Austria. And while we can give ourselves some slack because it was hot as hell hiking that week, we were often bested by fellow hikers of the German persuasion. Notify me of new comments via email. I consider us to be reasonably fit and experienced hikers. While this is no doubt better than cold and rainy, it did present some issues.