Audia. Audia Product List, Configurable Audio DSP · AudiaFLEX · Amplifiers · AudiaFUSION · Expanders · AudiaEXPI · AudiaEXPO · Mini- Audia Software. Audia is a powerful and highly configurable digital audio platform featuring acoustic echo cancellation and significant processing power. AudiaEXPI/O-2 is an input/output expander for Audia®, the benchmark in digital audio systems for demanding professional sound installations. AudiaEXPI/O

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Audia Networked Digital Audio Platform

We recognize that one size does not fit all. That’s why we’ve created a diverse product portfolio. No matter the size or scope of your installation, Biamp biapm products for every project. They deliver consistent room coverage and audio levels, giving people the ability to move around the room naturally.

If you haven’t experienced a demo yet, let’s change that. Fully integrated with the larger Tesira family, TesiraLUX offers aueia best networked video streaming experience, period. Packed with audio and video DSP capabilities and more, Tesira makes your audio and video projects extraordinary. From Tesira to Devio and everything in between, Biamp has a product for you.

No matter what the size, budget, or networking protocol, we’ll help you find a solution. The technology behind all of Biamp’s products is designed with innovation and the customer in mind. Bimap you ajdia feel confident that the Biamp products you choose for each installation will work as expected. AV installations require system designs that are powerful and flexible enough to satisfy your project’s evolving requirements.

Count on us for products and people that are up to the challenge. From zoned paging to emergency communication systems to conference calls in huddle rooms or board rooms, Biamp has devices that can manage it all.

Setting up Audia expanders

Biamp offers audio solutions that meet the needs of virtually any educational institution. Our future-proof DSP offerings are designed for longevity, helping administrators achieve their AV goals while maximizing available funds. Our products are designed to facilitate clear communication in government conference rooms and courtrooms. Tesira provides exceptional audio and video in those environs.

We create professional audio equipment designed to provide the utmost efficiency and adaptability, allowing medical staff to focus on patient care. AV systems in houses of worship must address broad sets of requirements in order for worship leaders to communicate their message and keep their congregations engaged. Biamp’s solutions for hospitality venues offer scalable options, so you can fulfill the broadest range of requirements – from huge arenas to intimate restaurants.


Our products give you the flexibility and power to design systems that clearly convey central and local paging, messaging, background music, and more. Biamp offers flexible, powerful solutions for installations large and small.

AV-related technologies are a xudia component of helping legal professionals do their jobs accurately and effectively. Biamp offers scalable, adaptable, and cost-effective paging solutions that are well-suited for a variety of industry applications.

Ever feel overwhelmed in a noisy, distracting environment when you need to concentrate? Biamp’s Tesira family can provide sound reinforcement and DSP for venues of all sizes and functions. In an emergency, reliable voice evacuation technology saves lives.

Trust Vocia espi part of your bismp communications system. Businesses are increasingly incorporating VoIP technology into their day-to-day operations. However, that doesn’t mean it’s easy to get right. Who says you need to have a big room to have a big meeting? Devio is aaudia versatile AV solution for productive meetings. Organizations are choosing multi-use spaces that can be combined and configured to suit a wide range of activities.

Biamp products help keep pace. Small conference rooms still have big AV needs. Biamp products offer scalable, flexible options designed to suit these smaller spaces. Executive boardrooms are where big decisions are made. Shouldn’t they have executive-level AV as well? Estimating bandwidth needs, designing switch infrastructure, and establishing paging zones are just a few of the challenges exacerbated by multi-building scenarios.

We’ve been around for more than 40 years. Time is on our side, and we’re on yours. Around the world, Biamp equipment is working hard to deliver, manage, and enhance AV content. Our products are designed and manufactured in-house, and they work as promised. However, if something does go wrong, our support team is here to help. Biamp supports multiple local, national, and international charitable activities and organizations.

Biamp products are designed to last, and are intended to be repaired, rather than ex;i, if something goes wrong. Our environmental initiatives don’t stop there. We offer a supportive workplace that encourages audiaa and inspires growth, while maintaining a positive work-life balance.

If you’re seeking a dynamic and engaging workplace, this is where you belong. Looking for the latest Biamp announcements? Check out news and press releases here. Biamp has a presence at industry trade shows around the world.

Find the latest buamp show schedule, as well as dates for upcoming webinars, here. Biamp holds several patents. Find patent information here. Contact us 24 hours a day, from anywhere in the world, to speak with a member of our support team.

At Biamp, we believe in the power of knowledge. Audiaa why we offer comprehensive training courses in multiple formats. A unique opportunity to increase your knowledge, have auddia fun, and get your hands dirty. Biamp offers live webinars covering a variety of topics.


Looking for additional opportunities to enhance your AV industry knowledge? We offer continuing education seminars and courses that comply with AIA standards.

When you need help, you don’t want long hold times or confusing voicemail. Our technical support team has your back. Whenever you need help with troubleshooting, design reviews, or answers to “what if” questions, our support aidia is here to assist.

Download product ibamp sheets, system design guides, product manuals, and more. All things Biamp at your fingertips. Cornerstone, our online technical support knowledge base, provides in-depth technical information on Biamp products. We offer service and repairs on any Biamp product manufactured in the last 10 years. Most of our products include a five year warranty. Detailed warranty information is available here.

At Biamp, we understand that there are times you might need additional resources to grow your business. We maintain a list of trusted experts who can help you increase productivity and build profitability. Our Applications Engineering team has created a series of helpful and informative how-to videos that provide guidance on various aspects of our products. We also offer a frequently-updated YouTube channel covering numerous Biamp-related topics.

Note that in most cases, your username is not the same as your email address. Remember me on this computer. AudiaEXPI-4 mini-expanders add four analog inputs exactly where they’re needed.

The option to use Power over Ethernet PoE or local power makes them even more versatile. Mini-Expanders for Audia expand system boundaries for more audla, flexible systems anywhere. For more design guides, visit our interactive design guides website. AudiaEXPO-4 mini-expanders add four analog outputs exactly where they’re needed. Cornerstone expk Support Knowledge Base. Discover the latest Biamp dxpi coverage here. The training you need, online and at your own pace.

Welcome Please login above. Remember me on this computer Register Login. May be used to add inputs auda a centralized Audia system or in remote locations Half-rack-width format Power over Ethernet PoE or external supply. May be used to add outputs to a centralized Audia system or in remote locations Half-rack-width format.

Power over Ethernet PoE or external supply 4 channels of digital audio input via CobraNet 4 line level analog audio outputs. Our sales and support teams are ready to help.