Capoeira Song Compendium Version A compendium of the most widely sung Capoeira songs with their English translations. Plus a guide on Brazilian. This songbook represents just a small sample of the music of capoeira angola. It is not meant to be exhaustive, as there are hundreds of songs in capoeira and. Pequeno Cancioneiro de Capoeira Angola: Hands-down the most comprehensive songbook I’ve found thusfar for capoeira angola. 83 pages.

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Nego cortou cana eh Nego cortou cana ah Nego cortou cana eh Nego cortou cana ah Nego cortou tanta There are literally thousands of Capoeira songs out there. However capodira a small fraction of these are commonly sung in a roda, have a significant message, or a beautiful melody.

The goal of this site to focus on those popular and quality songs by providing quality over quantity. This capoera help you get an idea of how the song goes.


This is because everyone sings these songs to some degree of variation. All the music on this site were composed by various songwriters or are generally part of the capoeira music archives.


Capowira is given to songwriters were credit is due and if no credit is mentioned it is because the original songwriter is unknown.

Since songs are known by different names the best thing to do if you are unable to find a particular song is to use the search tool. You can also make use of the various categories to locate the right song for you.

If there is a song you would like to see on the site just leave a comment. Check back often too because we are always adding new content!

A little bit about me: This site represents my journey through the capoeira world. I feel in capoeira everyone caooeira to find their place, their entry point to be completely engulfed in its world.

For me that place is music, and I find that I learn more and more about the art through this medium. Through capoeira music you can…. Finally, I hope I have been able to provide some help on your Capoeira music adventure.

This site is really capoeia tribute to my own Capoeira journey. As I continue to grow, I will continue to enrich the content of this site.


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Please send us a message to let us know and we’ll try cappeira best to help you find it or add it to the site. Keep track of the songs you know or learning by adding them to your favorites. Users can easily submit songs to be added to the site. Create a group for your capoeira school and share music among members. Song of the Week. Do You Know This Song? Be more involved in capoeira as a whole Finally, I hope I have been able to provide some help acpoeira your Capoeira music adventure.

Feel free to donate what you can to help keep the site running. Having trouble finding a song? Log in with Facebook.