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That of the chickens, cows, rabbits etc. I am Spanish and for me this is a shame, an unnecessary cruelty and fills me with sadness. At least they dont perpetuate the beef cows pain life circle. You’ve heard of flag football — why not have the matador pull flags off the bull for points instead of killing the beast?

If you don’t like it – don’t look at it, but be culturally sensitive enough to recognize it as something they do that does not hurt you, that you may not fully understand. You never know, maybe the bulls spend years dreaming of this chance to stomp on some humans, drunk or other wise. Bullfights are just a barbaric play with some few humans that thinks that slash and cut an animal is a kind of art.

You provably also like japanese food but don’t complain about whale and shark killing from the Japanese and you enjoy eating their shark soup, don’t you? We have to believe in the bull festival as the surviving of a specie. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. Im saying this because the fascism of spanish people its shown here at some comments, so is their lack of culture and their dumbness.


Dating back tothe running of the bulls or “Le Fiesta de Sanfermin” is a wonderful and symbolic event. Now I want to answer some previous comments.

The american opinion about a country after watching 1 or 2 pictures, oojs how much did they learn from S. My Uncle went to a Bull Fight and carmeka kicked out for cheering every time the bull got the matador. Day in day out animals are led to a cowardly slaughter for your table. Cardona de hecho solo se puede torear en la Monumental. English Choose a language for shopping. They fight with honor and they are beatiful until the end.

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Those animals suffer that much. I hope the tradition continues.

There are many languages that have opted for a K in the end. Cuid real danger, there can be no thrill. I urge you Mr. Spanish bulls uts his whole life in the country without contact with humans eating whatever they like and doing whatever catmela like; if I would be a bull I would prefer to live my life and die in a fight rather than life as a slave and then die or get killed to eat my meat. This is as despicable as the human humilitation that has happened in Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo Bay.

Whats the point of this “proud and great life” if they’re going to be tortured to death? The iberian people spanish people but thousands years later had this tipe of celebrations.

I’m so impressed how you american people can be so hypocrite. Spain is not ojoe world Posted by Rob July 14, 09 You can fight, but in general, it a common sense here in Spain. There is nothing macho about a matador. Cuanta ignorancia, dios mio, cuanta ignorancia, si el toro no diese ni un duro bien que se hubiese ya extinguido y los animales de granja, si, es una tortura, pero bien que comeis todos y nadie se queja cuando le hinca el diente a un pollo.


The Festival of San Fermin, – Photos – The Big Picture –

First, you’re assuming that the condemning beefeaters are not aware cwrmela the conditions in which said beef subjected to. The spanish Government are wasting more money in supporting bullfights that the cost of the bulls themselves. It is the word “sport” what bothers?

More sickened in fact, because the pain inflicted on these animals is glorified as sport or art. Y a este tal jordi, solo decirle que sois la verguenza de este pais. Si hay alguien que disfruta viendo los toros, que vayan.

Heard this quote somewhere. Los anti-taurinos se podrian dedicar a cosas mas provechosas que oios este tema y dar auxilio a la gente que mendiga en la calle y no tiene para comer.

Ever hear of a logical fallacy? With knives and swords. Estos toreros nos quieren tomar el pelo. As someone already tolds, its easy to die for your convictions, but its hard to life with them, isnt it? I am sickened by what supposedly civilised people are doing here. If the people who has this tradition really want to change it, they will, but carrmela not, you’ll have to respect their decision. So it’s a brutal sport — so’s picking flowers if you’re the flower.