Dabbawala tiffin supply chain management. 1. ON TIME EVERY TIME PRESENTED BY:ARAVIND UPPALA PRADEEP DASARI- Supply Chain Of Mumbai Dabbawala – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Dabbawalas of Mumbai- Large Service Supply Chain. Leading without Suits and Ties. Talks on Best Practices at CII, IIMs, IITs, companies Regularly sought by.

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Millions in Mumbai commute everyday to earn a living.

Banks, colleges, hospitals, government offices, private offices, factories and ports are all spread across different parts of the city. In a country where hot and freshly cooked home food is the most preferred for consumption, carrying of lunch boxes is a big burden for the working populace.

The Dabbawala community has about people working with them. These Dabbawalas deliver lunch boxes for about 2 lakh people at their work places on time. They also carry the empty lunch boxes back to the homes of the customers.

4 Reasons the Dabbawala Supply Chain Succeeds While Corporate Giants Struggle

The unbelievable part is they make only one mistake in sixteen million transactions and have been consistently good at it for all the time of their operations.


This credibility earned them a six sigma designation by the Forbes magazine and ISO accreditation. The three main reasons for their success are as follows. Surprisingly there is no use of Information systems or technology for their Supply chain side.

How do Mumbai Dabbawalas Work? Gifographic | Mocomi Kids

A rigorous level of practice over the years has led to the unwritten steps to follow for accurate supply chain management and time precision. There are about transactions delivery chai return of lunch boxes taking place daily. The figure below shows their Supply chain model. Coding System is meticulously followed in order to avoid any mistakes involving interchange of lunch boxes, that is, wrong Tiffin box reaching the customer.

All the employees or Dabbawalas are the stakeholders in this organization. This is the source of their motivation. Most of the employees are illiterate and rest is school dropouts. However they are literate enough to understand the codes and comprehend which lunch box belongs where. They are given basic idea about writing the alphabets and numbers on the boxes on dabbawsla the organization.

Every Dabbawala takes about 3 dabawala for completing his assignment and has to cover km on foot, carts, cycles and carriers combined. Alcohol consumption is strictly avoided during work hours.


The Dabbawalas organization is a standout example of efficient Logistics and Supply Chain Management. Corporates and students fabbawala make note of their functioning in order to understand their unique structure and process.

Today the Dabbawalas have welcomed the use of internet technology only for increasing their customer base and nothing more.

Dabbawala – Wikipedia

Many fast food chains and hotels in the city will always be competing with the Dabbawalas but their hope of failure of Dabbawalas system may never materialize.

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Mumbai Dabbawalas Supply Chain

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