El Borbah Created by Charles Burns. Here he comes, pounds of heavenly fun, in a Mexican wrestling mask, no less! Who says I don’t listen to you guys?. El Borbah isn’t exactly a superhero. But then, he isn’t exactly not a superhero, either. And he isn’t exactly a Mexican wrestler, but he looks a lot like one. One of . Meet El Borbah, a pound private eye who wears a Mexican wrestler’s tights and eerie mask. Subsisting entirely on junk food and beer, El Borbah conducts.

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Preview — El Borbah by Charles Burns. El Borbah by Charles Burns. Meet El Borbah, a pound private eye who wears a Mexican wrestler’s tights and eerie mask.

Subsisting entirely on junk food and beer, El Borbah conducts his investigations with tough talk and a short temper. He smashes through doors and skulls as he stalks a perfectly realized film-noir city filled with punks, geeks, business-suited creeps and mad scientists. El Borbah f Meet El Borbah, a pound private eye who wears a Mexican wrestler’s tights and eerie mask. El Borbah features five science-fiction and true-detective episodes: In “Robot Love,” rebellious kids in nightclubs replace borbxh “parts” with mechanical substitutes as part of a new fad, only to find that their parents have been automating themselves all along; in “Love in Vein” a mad visionary sperm donor plans a master race and turns blrbah kids against their parents; “Bone Voyage” details the exploits of a cult called the Brotherhood of the Bone, a kind of cross between the Masons and the Mansons.

The fantastic plots take up the weird fears of a scientific society, but the action is pure pulp. Charles Burns effortlessly spins yarns with gritty punchlines and pictures so perfect they must have existed in some collective memory of junk drama.

And through it all crashes El Borbah, trying to make an honest buck from dishonest people. Burns is the author of Black Holethe acknowledged masterpiece of the form that Fantagraphics serialized through the s and will be collected into a massive graphic novel in by Pantheon Books. El Borbah is Burns’ earliest work, created in the early s, rl the work remains eerily contemporary.

Steeped in a “sci-fi-noir” aesthetic informed by Burns’ steadily childhood diet of B-movies and comic books, but borgah a sophisticated sense of humor that is often as disturbing as it is funny, El Borba is comics as its most entertaining.

Paperback96 pages. Published January 17th by Fantagraphics first published To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about El Borbahplease sign up. Lists with This Book. Jul 29, Anthony Vacca rated it liked it.

Cyborg cults ran by robots, gun-wielding babies with dead geriatrics’ heads transplanted atop their uncoordinated bodies, a fast-food chain whose burger patties contain mind-controlling additives, a cabal of wealthy hedonists, blackmail, runaway teens, missing dames, and an endless array of shady characters and all of them lying out both sides of their mouth: Jan 28, Andy rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Charles Burns, detectives, Mexican wrestlers.


El Borbah is a rude, obnoxious, selfish, and incredibly stupid masked wrestler detective. When he’s not chain-smoking and strong-arming his clients for his advance fee, he’s investigating missing persons that have either been converted into robots, had their adult heads grafted onto baby bodies or secretaries brainwashed into behaving like 4-year old infants. Burns is a very cool artist and El Borbah is a pisser, elbowing his oafish way through every case.

Oct 16, David Schaafsma rated it really liked it Borbh I just finished Burns’s most recent 3 volume trilogy, ending with Sugar Skull, and found it pretty amazing. So, glancing over what I had never read from Burns, I found this, which is the same size and colored similarly on the cover the actual stories are black and white, and would be improved by being in garish colorand it is more than 30 years old, rereleased in And it is fun, with crude tough noir dialogue and violence and it is often funny, too.

El Borbah is all fun, and some will like that even better, I am guessing. Mar 04, Chris rated it it was amazing. The main character is crass, violent, and not incredibly bright, while the story lines are random, dark, awkward, and painfully amusing. This is a fantastic collection; Charles Burns is a brilliant author and artist – he couldn’t write enough of this stuff to satisfy my interest.

Fun stories that lampoon and celebrate the detective pulps. Along with that great heavy line weight and high contrast Charles Burns does so damn well. The extra large format is much appreciated I can’t stand how Pantheon shrunk down borbag pages of Black Hole for the collected hardback, what on earth were they thinking?? Mar 10, Vanessa rated it it was amazing.

El Borbah: : Charles Burns: Books

A masked Mexican wrestler detective Feb 10, Jason Bradshaw rated it really liked it Shelves: The stories here are pretty straight noir, but everything is just a bit off. All of the cases he takes on, too, just end up in these really bizarre places with adults with baby heads, robot parents or strange wishbone cults. Great, classic Burns comics. Sep 02, Alfrediux rated it it was amazing Shelves: Fantastic compilation of early detective stories by Charles Burns, the comics revolve around the bizarre adventures of El Borbah a giant private detective with a Mexican Luchador outfit and passion for cigarettes and smashing up criminals.

The stories are filled with graphic references to old pulp detective mags, film-noir, aliens, robots, evil secret brotherhoods and all kinds of sci-fi parafernalia, and like all Burns comics the pure black and white artwork is stunning. Definitely a must read.

May 21, Bryan rated it really liked it Shelves: Charles Burns takes Roy Lichtenstein, blends him with early 80’s downtown NY and puts them back into a surrealist boebah of a book. Not a masterpiece like Black Hole but chock full of signifiers both fun and profound. Can’t even imagine how weird it must have been to read these tales in Originally published as Hard-Boiled Defective Stories, I read a bogbah of these stories while I was in high school and was birbah off by the art edge.

Now I can’t get enough. Sep 21, Mikey added it. Came to Charles Burns late. I like this one least, but should should qualify that as being the least among an insanely beautiful oeuvre. If you pick this one to begin you might love it Jan 22, Jon Hewelt rated it it was amazing. Man, this was so much fun. Amidst the body grotesquery, Charles Burns can be quite a serious and meaningful author.


El Borbah goes to some strange-ass places, and I loved every minute of reading it. Oct 17, Thurston Hunger rated it liked it.

Not too far off my Flaming Carrot fixation. Is damn shame Orson Welles is not around to direct and star in the movie versions of these Apr 05, Michael rated it really liked it Shelves: Early Charles Burns collected. It’s offbeat, bizarre, on the edge of good taste.

blrbah A private dick who wears a Mexican wrestling match investigates a variety of cases – the stories are all entertaining. It’s no Black Holebut it’s creepy fun. The art’s quite good; not up to Burns’ current levels, but still better than most, and still borgah twisted. Feb 28, Donald Armfield rated it liked it Shelves: A detective in Andre the Giant attire and a Mexican mask takes on weird cases. The art once again is great but the dialogue and character theme reminds me of Strong Bad on the Wii Entertainment System.

Although these comics came out before the Wii, still Very interesting from Charles Burns. Simple yet weird tales in the whole lot weirder shape.

Not that I didn’t expect that from Burns. Maybe it’s just time that works on his disadvantage. El Borbah is kidna like Hellboy – phisically strong detective, conducting investigations in the land of strangeness. Nov 30, Hoke rated it it was amazing.

May 28, Dean rated it it was amazing. A Classic, I recommend this to anyone. Mar 19, Reyel rated it it was amazing. Mar 13, Dan Feeley rated it it was amazing.

El Borbah – Charles Burns – Google Books

I first read this book in the late 80s and I loved it then. I just returned to it last November and guess borbaah It is still as fresh, funny, and disturbing as it was in the 80s. But then again, it’s Charles Burns! Jun 04, Dan rated it liked it. A series of borbau about El Borbah, a hard boiled detective who wears a Mexican wrestling mask and jumpsuit, originally published in alt comic mags in the 80s.

Fantagraphics has collected and repackaged these oddball pieces lovingly and they have aged well- if you pulled out the odd reference to cassettes these easily could have come out yesterday and Burns’ oddball style and weirdo subject matter are both borbxh evidence. Not as complete as more recent work like Black Hole or the XXed Out trilogy, A series of stories about El Borbah, a hard boiled detective who wears a Mexican wrestling mask and jumpsuit, originally published in alt comic mags in the 80s.