Buy Extron SI 26X / Speakers – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. The Extron SI 26X is a two-way ceiling speaker featuring an open back and coaxial dual driver design for use in non-plenum airspace. DESCRIPTION. SI 26X & SI 26CT. The Extron System INTEGRAToR™ SI 26X and SI 26CT are two-way ceiling-mount speakers featuring a coaxial dual driver.

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Extron SI speakers sound great and meet the high product quality standards for which we are known. By replying to this thread you agree to abide by the trading rules detailed here. With this new conical horn design, harsh tonal qualities due to cancellation in portions of the frequency range caused 26d phase shifting are all but eliminated. But what we all agree on is that while video tells us what to believe seeing is believingaudio tells us how to feel.

The SI 3CT LP is UL listed for use in plenum ceilings exxtron features a behind-the-grille power selector switch for direct 8-ohm operation as well as8- 4- 2- and 1-watt settings for volt operation. Dec 30, at 2: A compact surface mount speaker such as the SI 3 is sl logical exyron for small to medium classrooms and conference rooms where wall space is at a premium. The SI 26W features a 6. They are looking for superior experience. The ssi enclosures and wide dispersion pattern make the FAP 62T a perfect choice for low ceilings especially where high fidelity sound reproduction in an attractive and extrpn system is required.

Enjoy the premium performance of full-range sound in your listening environment for countless years to come. Delivery cost is not included Payment method: Wide dispersion and an aimable, pivoting dome tweeter make it a good choice for low ceiling applications.

It is available with a black or white finish that can also be painted to match the environment. Music reproduction is enhanced with the exceptional low-frequency response of the long-throw woofers.

The pivoting titanium dome tweeters focus the high frequencies to your customized listening area.

You must log in or sign up to reply here. Community is using the InfoComm stage to launch its new Forecaster software tool for calculating the number of speakers required for applications. The SI 26X is an open back, two-way speaker for use in non-plenum airspace environments. Across the commercial installation spectrum there is a rising expectation for higher-quality systems with higher fidelity.


The three-dimensional quality of ceiling speakers catapults the audience right into the middle of the action. The SI 26X is ideally suited for overhead distributed audio applications for music and voice.

EXTRON SI 26X Ceiling Speakers 1 Pair New Other – $ | PicClick

Psychoacousticians and scientists have devoted more years and white papers than we can count to understanding the mysteries of sound. A successful ceiling audio system provides greater dispersion, realism, tonality, and drama to a soundtrack, making it seem more believable and enjoyable.

The surface mount models feature an Extron exclusive conical horn design that is coupled to the tweeter. Four locking arms allow for a fast, secure hard ceiling installation.

With this very broad conical spreading of the mid and high frequencies, two SI 3 speakers in a small to medium classroom should ensure consistent volume levels for everyone while delivering increased intelligibility and accurate music reproduction. Long-throw woofers are coupled to pivoting dome tweeters to deliver accurate voice and music reproduction, as well as wide angle sound dispersion for higher ceiling and power applications.

Defeatable passive Hz low-pass filter with impedance compensation. The SI 26X is designed for 8 ohm direct connection to small or large audio power amplifiers, and may be connected for series or parallel operation.

The SI 3 has a nominal impedance of 8 ohms. True high-fidelity, 2-way design speakers feature a 1-inch titanium HF dome tweeter for exceptional sound quality. CLOUD12 is available in 60×60 and 90×90 dispersion models.

For the folks at Speco, the value proposition of their ceiling speakers, including the high-end SP-6CLC, is the winning recipe of style, stealth, performance, and competitive pricing. An input power-limiting protection circuit is included with the SI 3C Xetron for preventing distortion and driver damage due to overdriving.

Both models have a nominal impedance of 8 ohms. Specifically in a surround-sound environment, audio information piping out from every direction literally immerses the listener. The conical horn design virtually eliminates phase shift that would otherwise result in a harsh and extgon tonal quality caused by frequency cancellation.

Extron SI 26X in-ceiling speakers

Please try again later. The SI 26 CT is housed in an 8″ metal back can for use in plenum environments and features four locking arms for a fast and secure hard ceiling installation. C-ring and V-rail mounting hardware for installation in a suspended T-bar ceiling is included.


The 3-inch driver and conical baffle provide degree dispersion extro minimal beaming directly under the speaker. Another component of the value proposition, he elaborated, is being a one-stop shop: By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies.

The SI 26W and SI 28W are designed for environments where delivery of stereo playback, also known as program audio is specified.

So for a music class or a music history class, the sound is natural. Manufactured from durable, quality components, these speakers provide strong value. In 8 ohm operation, these speakers are designed for use with our MPA Integrated Mini Power Amplifier in small to medium low ceiling classrooms requiring two to four wide dispersion speakers for maximum room coverage.

They are typically installed in classrooms, conference rooms and boardrooms when a 266x mount speaker is preferred over a ceiling or in-wall device. Where discretion is appreciated but quality is expected, contractors now have more choices than ever before.

Notable talking points for the Ceila include injection-designed woofers and the ever-popular pivoting titanium dome tweeter for a more customized listening experience.

Clearing some stuff that is no longer required Shares driver technology with AD-S surface mount loudspeakers to extrin vide the ability to mix speaer models within zones for the best possible coverage. The FAP 40T appeals to both system designers and architects and is ideal for high-intelligibility voice, music, and signal reproduction in commercial, industrial, and institutional applications.

EXTRON SI 26X Two-Way Open Back Ceiling Speakers, Pair | Ace Options Norway

Voice reproduction from documentaries and live microphones is natural and clear sounding. In particular, design efforts were focused on the crossover circuitry, exrton bass through midrange to the high frequencies.

The larger SI 28 features an 8″ woofer, a 1″ dome tweeter, 90 watts continuous pink noise or watts continuous program capacity, and frequency response from 50 Hz to 20 kHz.