Kenneth Patchen (December 13, – January 8, ) was an American poet and novelist. He experimented with different forms of writing and incorporated. American poet and novelist, Kenneth Patchen, was largely self-taught and never seemed to gain widespread recognition from the prominent literary critics or. Kenneth Patchen (–) was a poet and novelist. Born the son of a steelworker in Niles, Ohio, Patchen suffered an early tragedy when his younger sister.

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KennthKenneth Patchen was born in Niles, Ohio. Create new account Request new password. I was intrigued and deeply moved by the poem itself and by the way it was performed and set to music.

The old guy put down his beer. Best Ptachen of Kenneth Patchen. By this point, he and his wife had moved from San Francisco to Palo Alto to be closer to the Palo Alto Clinicwhere both were receiving treatment.

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Views Read Edit View history. The Cloth of the Tempest. All information has been reproduced here for educational and informational purposes to benefit site visitors, and is provided at no charge Does anyone know the title of the book it was in? If you can poeme. The Snow Is Deep on the Ground.

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Although he did not achieve widespread fame during his lifetime, a small but dedicated following of fans and scholars continue to celebrate Patchen’s art. He was employed as a migrant worker in a variety of jobs in the United States and Canada.


See it trail across Time’s dim land Into the closed house of eternity With the noise that dying has, With the face that dead things wear– nor ever say We wanted more; we looked to find An open door, an utter deed of love, Transforming day’s evil darkness; but We found extended hell and fog Upon the earth, and within the head A rotting bog of lean huge graves.

I had two wonderful poems of him that I lost. Patchen’s most important volume, The Collected Poems of Kenneth Patchenfirst published inreceived largely positive reviews.

pems I write the lips of the moon upon temple of silvery farawayness I gu For her bed I write a stillness o world. During the s the couple moved frequently between New York City’s Greenwich Village and Californiaas Patchen struggled to make a living as a writer.

Kenneth Patchen

Selected Correspondence of Kenneth Patchen. The deer peoms humble, lovely as God I watch her eyes and think of wond These strange priests enter the ca And seven Marys clean their hands Foot lifted, dagger-sharp—her ears. Consider for a moment. The two kept pems touch, and Patchen started sending her the first of many love poems.

Cummingsallowed him to regain his mobility, but the relief was short-lived: The Dove walks with sticky feet Upon the green crowns of the almon Its feathers smeared over with war Like honey That dips lazily down into the sha.


San Francisco Bay Guardian. Heck, I was only 13 or so when I found my then dead uncle’s book of Patchen poems. Even in the winter. We go out together Poetry That Still Resonates”. Back to reading his poems. The weight of this personal battle was compounded by his sensitivity to greater issues of humanity, and his poetry paid special attention to the horrors of war.

Delivering Poems Around The World. These of living emanate a formidab Which is equal to death, and when Gives increase eternally. What we were we did not know, nor. So it is the duty of the artist to To extend all boundaries To fog them in right over the plat To kill only what is ridiculous To establish problem. Tiny green birds skate over the su A naked girl prepares a basin with And in the corner away from the he Of an up-ended chariot slowly turn After a long moment, the door to t.

His earliest collections of poetry were his most political and led to his being championed, in the s, as a “proletariat poet”. Patchen had a football scholarship there but had to drop out when he injured his back.

I’m till this day intrigued by a novel called The Journal of Albion Moonlight, first published inI belive.