Download KF manuals, documents, and software. View KF Owners’ Manual is a basic instruction that contains the product installation and usage. View and Download LG KF user manual online. Mobile Phone with InteractPad™, Music Player, and 3 MP Camera. KF Cell Phone pdf manual. View and Download LG KF user manual online. LG KF User Guide. KF Cell Phone pdf manual download.

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Some of contents in this manual may differ from your phone depending on the software of the phone or your service provider.

LG KF Product Support :Manuals, Warranty & More | LG Kenya

Congratulations on your purchase of the advanced and compact KF phone by LG, designed l operate with the latest digital mobile communication technology. Making a call from your contacts Sending the voice recording Deletes a character with each press. Use this key to go back to the previous screen. Do not remove the battery when the phone is switched on, as this may damage the phone. Insert the charger and plug into a mains electricity socket.

Your KF will need to be charged until a message reading Fully Charged Memory card Installing a memory card Expand the memory space available on your phone using a memory card.

The KF will support up to a 2 GB memory card. Remove the battery cover and battery as before. Insert the memory card. Slide the memory card into the slot at the top, until it clicks into place.

From here you access menu options, make a quick call and change your profile – as well as many other things. Your KF has two screens, a InteractPad and a main screen. The quick keys The quick keys provide easy, one-touch access to your most used functions. Touch to usser the main menu. Touch to create and send an SMS message. See page 25 for details. Touch to open your call log menu.

From here you can view your missed and received calls, dialled numbers and call duration. Calls Making a call Key in the number using the keypad. To delete a digit mqnual C. Press the hard key or touch initiate the call. To end the call, press the touch End.

Making a call from your contacts Bring up usfr InteractPad menu by sliding your handset open or holding the camera End – Touch to end the call. Mute – Touch Mute to turn off the microphone so the person you are talking to cannot hear you.

Speed dialling You can assign a frequently-called contact to a speed dial number. Touch and select InteractPad arrows. Your voicemail is already set to speed dial 1. You cannot change this. Select any other number either by using the InteractPad arrows and touching Assign or by pressing the hard key number.


Choose whether to divert to voicemail, another number or your favourite number. Enter your divert number or touch Search to browse for your divert number. Charges are incurred for diverting calls. Please contact your network provider for details. Changing the call setting and choose Call.

Touchselect From here you can amend the settings for: Call divert — Choose whether to divert your calls. Answer mode — Choose whether to answer the phone using the maual key, any key or by sliding your handset open.

S end my number — Choose whether to store your new contact on your Phone or SIM card. E nter all the information you have and 3 touch Save. New message – Send a message to the contact. See page 27 for details on lgg to send messages. Select View Options and choose With picture.

Then return to the address book and select the contact you want to add a picture to. Simply touch and select Sending a message The quick way to begin sending an SMS message is to touch and go straight to step 4 below. Setting up your email You can stay in touch on the move using email on your KF Touch kr600, select and then Settings.

You can now choose how your account works: A ccount name – Enter a name for this account. Touch Send and your email will be sent. Changing your email settings You can adapt your email settings so that it works in the way you prefer. Message folders Touchselect. Inbox – All mabual messages you receive are kg into your inbox. From here you can reply, forward and more, see below for details. If you see the message No space for messages you can delete either messages or saved files to create space.

Changing your text message settings Your KF message settings are pre-defined so that you can send messages immediately. You mwnual make changes to: Push message, which means your messages mznual no longer be pushed directly to your device as they are received, only when you check for new messages.

Info message – Choose the reception status, alerts and language of your info messages. Holding the phone horizontally, point the lens towards the subject of the photo. Touch Capture or press the right kf060 of the handset to take a photo. A focus box will appear in the centre of the viewfinder screen, position the phone so you can see the subject of your photo kser The zoom function is only available when the resolution is set to x uswr below. See Changing the image size on page 37 for details.

LG KF User Guide Using your toolbar of options Touching will display a new toolbar of options across the bottom of the viewfinder screen.


Quality – Choose between Normal, Fine and Super fine. The settings menu will suer close, ready for you to take your picture. Viewing your saved photos You can access your saved photos from within the camera mode and from the standby screen.

LG KF600 User Manual

From the viewfinder, and select Album from simply touch the Go to menu. From the standby screen you should touchthen select and Images.

Your gallery will appear on screen. Touch selectscroll down to and select Video camera to open the viewfinder. The name of the image runs along the bottom of the screen and three options will be displayed on the InteractPad. Using your toolbar of options Touching will display a new toolbar of options across the bottom of the viewfinder screen. Use the arrows on the InteractPad to navigate the options. LG KF User Guide Watching your saved videos You can access your saved videos either from within video camera mode or from the standby screen.

You can also save your files to a memory card. If you choose Bluetooth, you will be prompted to turn Bluetooth on and your phone will search for a device to send the picture to.

Touch then select Scroll to and select Images. If you choose to download any additional games or applications they will be saved into this folder.

This is a great way of moving your files from your computer to your phone. Image folder and music in the Sounds folder. If your phone cannot identify the file type, the file will be saved in the Others folder.

FIles sent using Bluetooth kt600 be saved to the phone memory. From here you select have access to: All songs – Contains all of the songs you have on your phone. Touch MP3 Player, then My playlist. Select the playlist you would like to play and touch View, then LG KF User Guide Editing a playlist From time to time, you may want to add new songs or delete songs from a playlist.

This will manuao that the recording fits into a message. You will need to insert your headphones in order to listen to the radio. Touch Auto scan then Yes. Each time a station is found, your KF will ask if you want to save it. Any stations you choose to save will automatically be allocated to a channel number in your phone.

Resetting channels Touch and select Choose FM radio.